Selling Estate Agent Testimonials

At W Real Estate Services, we know how vital the cooperation of the real estate community is to the successful sale of our HUD Listings.  We also know that at first glance selling a HUD home can be a little intimidating.  No worries!  We will give you 100% of our attention to assist you in selling one of our listings, or any HUD home for that matter, even if it's listed with someone else.

Any time you need help, whether it's on our listing, somebody elses listing or anything having to do with selling HUD properties, CALL us at (425) 432-3035 or (425) 466-9671 or email or

See what some other real estate professionals have said:

"Hi Christine, I want to thank you for the class you did this morning. I know a lot of LLB's do this class just because they have to, but you did a great job and it was very informative. I will definitely come to you if I have more questions, I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share it with others."

- Ericia L., Real Estate Broker

"Thank you very much for your help with the transaction. I couldn't get it done without you."

- Brittany M., Real Estate Broker


"You guys are the BEST I've ever worked with. Most listing REO agents don't even answer there phones."
Thank You,

- Leonard., Real Estate Broker


"You were great help form day one. I thank you from the bottom of my heart & look forward working with you in future too."

- Ravinder W., Broker