Christine Johnson

My Background...

2005 - Present   Owner/Broker, W Real Estate Services   Brokerage firm specializing in:

Our Firms goals are to assist our clients in:

Assembled a team of professionals who have the skills and experience to achieve these goals.

Professional Testimonials

8 years, Company Sales Manager for Polygon Northwest, one of Washington's largest residential home builders with areas of responsibilities including:

5 years as Closing Manager for Polygon Northwest

5 years Escrow Company Branch Manager and Closer


Public speaking

Charitable fund raising benefiting the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Maple Valley Rotary and the village of Shisong, Cameroon, Africa

Please contact me anytime to discuss how I can assist your organization in achieving your sales goals, increasing profits and improving customer satisfaction!

"The fact is that I work with sales management executives all across the county  and I've seen both the very best and the absolute worst - put Christine in with the very best.   There are a great many people in the industry who talk a good game;  there are few who can back it up with such a phenomenal record of success."   - Jeff Shore, The Shore Company